2014 Summer Field & Travel Camps... our 19th season!

Registration for all 2014 Summer Field & Travel Camps began on April 1, 2014.

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Field Camp Information:

Group size: 10 kids, two teachers (Mike and Anna/Dorothy) We go explore and learn about all the exciting ecological “drama” going on all around us 24/7. All we have to do is observe! Field trips to collect and learn about critters and find out who lives amongst the mosses. Learn to observe and follow the trails that other animals use, and make a map of their activities. We learn about habitats, we start learning more about the tools that the pro's use to measure and research life around us, and we hike, walk, swim, relax, and have fun!

Field camp registration opens on April 1st.  Information about camps (yay!) is typically posted during mid-winter (brr!).

Week 1: June 16-20 -- 9am to 4pm -- Mixed Ages -- $230 Fee -- CAMP FULL

Week 2: June 23-27 -- 9am to 4pm -- Ages 10 to 12 -- $230 Fee -- CAMP FULL

Week 3: July 21-25 -- 9am to 4pm -- Ages 7 to 9 -- $230 Fee -- CAMP FULL

Week 4: July 28-Aug 1 -- 9am to 4pm -- Ages 7 to 9 -- $230 Fee -- CAMP FULL

Travel Camp Information:

July 2-15 -- Travel West Camp -- Ages12 to 15 -- $1500 Fee -- CAMP FULL

SEEDS TRAVEL West Camp, ages 12-15
Group size: 9 kids, two teachers (Mike and Anna) We head west to explore and learn about western environments and cultures!